Cosentino shoot

I have been privileged to have had the opportunity on several occasions to work with Australia’s Greatest Magician and damn impressive Escape Artist, Cosentino.

I met Cos several years ago while I was the Dive Manager at the Melbourne Aquarium. We worked hard for several months leading up to “Anchored”, which was a tribute to Harry Houdini…I must say that when the idea was first suggested to me I was more than happy to stick to wrangling sharks and stingrays!!!

Since then we have worked together on a few escapes with the latest being “Dropped”.

Cos was handcuffed and padlocked by the hands and feet inside and acrylic sphere, the lid was padlocked and then he was “dropped” into a tank 11 metres deep. I was lucky enough to have access to a training session where I was able to get into the sphere with Cos on a practice run for a series of amazing photos….although I must say didn’t feel to lucky when the lid was padlocked closed and we were dropped into the tank!

I did have a scuba tank with me, but Cos worked his way through the locks on a single breath, almost in some sort of trance oblivious to my presence as I moved around inside the sphere working the angles to get the photos.